Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring

We carry a large selection of Hardwood Flooring that is already finished and ready for installation. 

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Brands We Carry

Viking Flooring

Viking has been in the hardwood flooring business for over 75 years. Viking is known for providing high quality flooring and value. By using high quality lumber, durable finishes and a controlled kiln drying process, they are able to deliver hardwood flooring to consumers that is extremely durable. It has a classy look and style.

We proudly carry 3 Collections of Viking Flooring.

Hearth Collection

Nothing beats the durability and timeless feel of wood flooring. Viking Hearth Collection brings the classic warmth of wood floors to your home with quality milling and attention to detail. The Hearth Collection reflects the natural beauty of wood with a color palette that offers traditional looks and modern styles to create a truly unique floor. Available in a variety of widths, styles and species to suit every decor.

Big sky Collection

By bringing centuries old craftsmanship and cutting edge technologies together, Big Sky offers an unrivaled set of options that enhance the natural beauty of timber.

For centuries the old European craft of fuming wood to change the color has been used to suit individual tastes, a method whereby ammonia reacts with the natural tannin contained in the timber. Viking takes this know-how and uses the latest reactive stains which work on the same principal to create stunning, but completely natural looking flooring.

Unlike traditional stains, which basically place a closed pigment on top of the wood, reactive technology only works based on the amount of tannin contained at any specific point in the wood. So it’s the tree, the life it’s had, the soil it’s grown in that’s dictating the final color. So unlike traditional pigment stains our process has far more warmth and depth of color tones.

Throughout the Big Sky range the number of processes to create a given product vary, and much of this so called “modern" technology is applied by hand by modern day craftsman, thus giving every board that bespoke feel.

Embrace what nature has to offer and install a floor where the wear layer has taken decades or even centuries to grow, and see how Big Sky enhances that beauty and gives a unique feel and look that other flooring just cannot offer.

Lakeshore Collection

Bring the lake house lifestyle home with this new flooring collection by Viking. Inspired by the coastal towns of the Great Lakes, the Lakeshore Collection is a waterproof, multi-layered vinyl flooring with rigid core construction. This premium resilient flooring features the latest designs and textures with realistic visuals of wood plank, stone and tile colors.

Choose from SPC (Good), WPC (Better), or XPC (Best) each with its own set of features and benefits to perform with lasting beauty in your home.

Somerset Flooring

Somerset is known throughout North America as a premier manufacturer of high quality hardwood flooring. The majority of their hardwood flooring is made of Appalachian hardwoods. Their lumber is sourced from over 100 sawmills within 150 miles of their hardwood flooring plants.

Sheoga Flooring

We carry Sheoga hardwood and engineered flooring. Sheoga has been in business since 1982 and has built a reputation as solid as the hardwood floors they manufacture. They are located in the heart of Ohio Amish Country. Their hardwood flooring is made from furniture grade lumber and goes through a seasoning process before being kiln dried and turned into high-end flooring.

Ecovert Flooring

We proudly offer Ecovert Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

Shaw flooring

Shaw Flooring

We carry Shaw hardwood and engineered flooring.